PSI pneumatic cleaning systems:


  • Efficient and cost effective cleaning of pipes, hoses and tubes
  • Application in energetics, hydraulics, refrigeration, food and beverage, brewery, water conducts, aerospace, gas, chemistry, floor heating, telecommunications, construction, marine, mining
  • Removes dust, dirt, mud, impurities, liquids, oily contaminations, slime, several types of rust and limescale
  • Passes through 90 degree angles, several types of valves, „T“ joints, coils, „U“ bends and other configurations
  • Standard cleaning up to 50 mm diameter
  • Custom solutions up to 300 mm diameter
  • Cleans up to 7 km in length
  • Rapidly minimizes maintenance shutdown time
  • Patented and manufactured in Australia


Demos of the application of PSI systems

Application in the mining industry

Technology pipes cleaning


Household applications

Floor heating cleaning, also possible to clean air conditioning, ventilations, water pipes, etc...



Cleaning of a tubular heat exchanger, length 2500 mm, 192 tubes - cleaning of a significant amount of sludge, rust and mechanical dirt


Steelworks - energetics

Cleaning of heat exchangers, 4000 pipes were cleaned in approximately 4 hours, efficiency rose by over 16%


Chemical industry

Regular pipe maintenance (several thousand pipes) at catalyst exchange


Food industry – Milk plant

Regular maintenance of technology pipes. Pellets can be also used for cleanness diagnostics, as they collect material from whole pipe length.


Gas industry

Cleaning of pipelines, especially after pressure testing with water


Water plant

Cleaning of pipes with ID of 25 to 125 mm, total length 1250 m. Both potable and technology water pipes were cleaned.


Water plant - Serbia

Cleaning of pipes with up to 150 mm.


Cable TV

Inserting cables into pre-assembled cable pipes.


Iron plant - distribution of compressed air

Distribution of compressed air with ID of 16 to 40 mm, total length several kilometres.


Maintenance neglection

Contamination prevention is essential in proper taking care of pipes, hoses and tubes. Regular maintenance is not only easier and cheaper, but it also allows the technology to function properly.